Death Of The Hypebeast (D.O.A. Remix) by Ian Dauz from the album: Recordings

Death of the Hypebeast (Death of Autotune Remix) - Ian Dauz

Just a really quick freeverse I wrote in 10 minutes, recorded it in an hour. Enjoy ! 

Verse 1:
This is the funeral of SBs, Gshocks, and vneck tees
Fitted caps, snap backs, ray bans, half ass wannabes
All the bloods rushed to your head, too tight skinny jeans
Gettin tired of it, going apeshit, nikki minaj on too much caffeine
This ain’t for just guys, this is for women too
Rockin rompers, berets, and toms like you’re something new
Posting nude pictures on tumblr like you’re something cool
But you ain’t being independent, you’re looking like a tool
Following these fads are on a national epidemic
I’m sorry if my accusations are a bit eccentric
But every notion I give, I dearly meant it
Because the words I’m spittin are deadlier than a weapon
Don’t get me started on the musicians today
Half of them making money with no sense in what they say
The other half’s on Youtube, only looking to get fame
What happened to the passion? Guess it left when y’all came
Now listen up, I’mma finish this verse, nice and neat 
If you don’t get the message, sit down and catch a peep
Cuz, trust me, Im nowhere close to finished in the least
So let me tell you, this is the death of all hypebeasts

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    Death Of The Hypebeast (Death of Autotune Remix) - Ian Dauz
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    Death of the Hypebeast (Death of Autotune Remix) - Ian Dauz